Pay Attention to the Signs


Happy Tuesday! The weather is quite pleasing! Go for a walk and feel the nice sunshine and the breeze hit your beautiful faces (after you read my intense posting!)

So, I think most of the time (hopefully) we pay attention to signs that won’t get us killed. For example, the traffic lights or the signs on a hike guiding us to stay on the path. But then there are the more subtle signs that are not so obvious to outsiders (or even to ourselves). The ones that are quieter and are related only to us. They come from within. Our intuition.

In the past few weeks, I have been forced to deal with some new things/information and have also had to make big, sad and disappointing decisions that are affecting my life currently. All for the better (I hope) but it’s making me wonder why I didn’t listen to what she (I call her “she” for me!) had to say sooner.

I knew a few of the things I was doing/being/saying were not what I really wanted deep down yet I didn’t want to disappoint (who exactly?) and am now feeling the pain of not listening to my intuition.

I’m reading, “The Road Less Traveled” right now by Scott Peck and it is fiercely brutal and honest. The road less traveled he is talking about is the path of tough and truthful decisions that are hard to make in the moments (like when we are feeling in ease) yet, knowing something is off but hard to face that truth.

We stick with things because we are looking for instant gratification of love and belonging not wanting to have hard conversations that we absolutely need to have. Yet, in those moments of dealing with the hard truths, we come to a more authentic relationship, not only with those we are in relationship with, but also with ourselves.

I have been personally doing a lot of soul searching, and I openly sort of wish it was over already because this is hard as this IS my road I have been avoiding, yet, it feels the most authentic and real. Like, I am doing what I NEED and should have been doing.

I have been busy getting ready to die rather than busy LIVING. That is done now.

I look forward to sharing those things with you as they arise over the coming weeks and months within my writing and within my yoga teaching and community. I also just became a Reiki level 1 healer yesterday and will be looking to support you. If you are interested and want to exchange services or have a paid session, shoot me a note if you are in the DC area.

Here’s to the hard and winding road. It is the only way.

Onward and Upward!

~ Jess

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