Procrastinating is GOOD! I repeat: GOOD! Yay!

My favorite podcast is the TED Radio Hour on NPR. And the most recent one, Slowing Down, was about how procrastination can be good. I totally agree that it CAN be good. I sometimes feel like I sit on things longer than I need to but at the same time, when I sit with it long enough, it works out more creatively than if I went ahead and did it before I needed to complete it.

I also find that I do a more creative job when there is fire on my seat to make it work. Now, that is NOT ideal if it creates an extreme amount of stress physically, but if you can manage it and get some balls rolling whilst letting the final piece(s) come together, then procrastination can be good. So, take a load off and productively procrastinate while listening and let me know your thoughts.


Stop and Listen to What YOU Want

I am heading to Europe for my birthday in a month and I couldn’t be more excited. I land in London to spend some time with my best friend from Canada, I have signed up for a Polaroid Photography retreat (?) in the French Riviera (this makes NO sense!) and then to Denmark and then Sweden to teach yoga classes. I guess none of it makes sense but life never makes much sense anyways…BUT here is how it came together: I listened to what I wanted by meditating, getting quiet and taking the time to clear on what I want in life. And she said she wanted adventure, she wanted to push her boundaries and she wanted be with powerful people (WOMEN).

THIS feels good to look forward to an adventure and to be outside of my comfort zone personally and professionally. {Also, as an aside, London was where I landed when I had just turned 20 years of age and it appears that a couple of decades will re-unite us once again. That was the beginning of my life transcendence and I look forward to even more growth in the coming months and year.}

If you want to get clear on some of the things you want in YOUR life, I started taking health coach clients again a few months ago and am putting a wellness program together right now with videos and pdf’s that include recipes, workouts and writing exercises to get clear on what you want in your life. If this calls to you, let me know as I will start taking more clients in the coming months and the wellness program will launch in the new year! If want to learn more detail about those, stay tuned and/or reach out!

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