I have been doing a lot of excavating lately: literally (externally) and figuratively (internally). And the more I let go of things, the more space there is to breathe and see things in a new way, and also, for new things to be ushered in.

A couple of months ago, I gave away the last of my “professional” clothing. I was so nervous that maybe I might need them for corporate offerings, in my current position as health coach and yoga instructor, OR just in case I needed to take an office job once again. But when I really got to thinking about it, it was taking up space in my closet AND in my mind. I knew deep down that I was done with that world and I made the switch to be fully committed to my direction in that moment. There was no ambivalence on whether I made the right or wrong choice anymore, I was IN my path of choice. But I also realized that I could borrow or buy or simply make do with what I had if that EVER did happen. The fear was silly.

And since then, the gifts of making that choice have been tremendous. I wish I could share right now the offerings that are happening. But you will see soon.

At the same time as that was happening, I also started to let go of jobs, ideas, and people in a way to get clarity on what I wanted. Simplifying things for myself to get to the root of what was going to make me content and feel good about the congruency of my life

This process has been the greatest gift of my summer so far. I gave away so many things to people who were so happy to have them and I was happy to gift them. I encourage you to take stock of the things that are “weighing” you down. These things truly manifest in your life and make a burden when there should be lightness!


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