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Hiya lovers!

I hope you had a great holiday weekend!

Well, I cannot begin to tell you about the many things that are shifting and changing over here. I know many of you are having your own human experience of change and movement, etc. So today I wanted to share some tools that might help you in your shifting. In times of unsteadiness, unease and change, its very human and instinctual to reach for things that ground us.

For me, I always return to reading and I love the blog of James Clear. I had been reading his stuff for the last year as he writes a lot we about how we can change our daily habits with small tweaks. Through one of his articles, he brought me to the attention of BJ Fogg, founder of Tiny Habits, a program for behavioral change.

I started his free and easy program last week and have already had some new habits formed (fingers crossed they stick!) Within the Tiny Habits program, he asks that you write down 3 tiny habits you want to change immediately. There are a few ground rules for their implementation:

1.) they need to be attached to something you already do
2.) it should take no more than 30 seconds
3.) you need to do them every day (generally at the same time!)

You also need to write them in a specific way:

“After I brush my teeth, I will floss.”
“After I finish my mediation, I will do 15 sit ups.”
“After I sit in bed, I will write down the three things I am grateful for that day.”

These are the ones I happen to have created. The tiny habits you want to introduce do need to be anchored to something that you already do, which is what you see in the “after you do this…, you do that…” He is pretty adamant that you don’t do “before” language (not yet sure why though….)

Anyway, James Clear also has s program about habits and how they stick. He says that it takes about 66 days for you to form a habit and you need to write it down for it to become real. Here is his quick habit guide for you.

I am also a fan of Steven Pressfield. He wrote a great book called the War of Art and he has a new book called, “No One Wants to Read Your Shit” which is currently free. Attached here. If you are a writer or aspiring, this is a great read.

Now that you have some great goodies, go get ’em!

Be well!

Here is my schedule for this week:


~ Georgetown Yoga 745pm Slow Flow Vinyasa


~ Dupont Circle Yoga 745pm Deep Vinyasa Flow


~ Dupont Circle Yoga 930am Mellow Flow

~ Yoga Heights noon Vinyasa Yoga

~ Georgetown Yoga 630pm Vinyasa Flow

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