Jessica applies a truly holistic approach to health that’s grounded in yoga but extends beyond this to include the impact of diet, day-to-day stressors and major life experiences on our minds and bodies. Our one-on-one sessions have taken her classes to another level with poses and other life tips (including a number of book recommendations!) tailored to whatever is happening in my life at that moment.
— Alison P., VP at consulting firm
Wednesday yoga at lunchtime with Jess is hands down my favorite appointment on my calendar. Not only do I love having the opportunity to hit the pause button during the work week, but also I look forward to seeing Jess. Her energy and positivity brighten my week and inspire me to work harder to achieve my goals.
— Kelly T., manager at Associated Builders and Contractors, Inc.
I started practicing with Jess in 2014 when I was traveling quite a bit for work and needing a place to find grounding and calm. Jess not only welcomed a novice yogi when I first showed up, but she has helped me to grow stronger in my yoga practice, and as a person ever since! Her passion, happiness, and empathy for her students both new and more tenured is infectious and is the highlight of my day when I attend practice!
— Samantha G., Lawyer

I’ve tried yoga here and there, never really finding a studio at I loved or teachers that were memorable enough to make me want to return. This was until a friend recommended me to Jessica. She is an absolute delight and often what I look forward to most in my week. I’ve been able to see actual growth in my strength and flexibility in just a few months and as a competitive cyclist, practicing with Jessica has helped balance my training–making me stronger on the bike. It’s been incredibly rewarding and I’m thankful to have found her.
— Angela P., cyclist

Six months ago I tried to touch my toes and realized I could only get to my knees. Deciding it was time to be the person I used to be, I began working with Jess. She is patient and understanding; but more importantly my sessions are one of the things I look forward to each week. It is about the yoga but really it is a lot more. Learning to relax and be more mindful; and, of course becoming healthier. And, yes now I can touch my toes.
— Michael F., Accountant

Jessica is a positive force and an amazing person. As my life coach, Jessica was thoughtful, caring, flexible in working with changes that were happening in my life, clear with direction and feedback and incredibly skilled in how she approached my situation. Her guidance, experience, discretion, and method were invaluable. I am thankful for the structure and feedback she provided. Now that a few months have passed, I am even more impressed with Jessica. The work that we did together, the things that she taught me, the changes that she helped me find and encouraged me to make have lasted. Jessica made a huge impact. Any one who spends time with Jessica will find their life enriched.
— Christine M., swim coach

I started to practice yoga in 2015 with Jess. I always wanted to do it but I just didn’t find time for it. Jess was teaching classes in my institution’s gym so I just decided to stop by and see. I loved the combination of yoga and spirituality that Jess offered in the class, finding it dynamic and passionate.

But the support I found in Jess went further than yoga classes, as she offered opportunities for me to explore workshops to take care of my body, to go deeper into some yoga postures but also to learn more about the practice itself by reading, and most recently experience the benefits of yoga and acupuncture.

I also love the messages she writes and the stories she tells in her emails because I can relate to them or recall something similar. Several times I was in the exact same moment she was going through something and just reading about her strategies and suggestions would give me some ideas on how to act or what to do. She would also suggest some offerings she was doing for workshops and that would motivate me to move forward and continue.

Sometimes we think we are the only person in the world going through ups and downs, but reading what she shared and in her workshops I realized everybody goes through these tough times and we are all looking to take better care of our body and our souls.

I see Jess, her writing and her workshops as the space I can always count on for support and to continue my practice of yoga, but also as the space to expand my understanding of other disciplines or ways to take care of myself, as the space to create love for myself and others.
— Tessy V., IMF

I cant say enough good things about how amazing it is to have Jessica teach yoga in our office. Even just one day a week has helped my back, and helped me build friendships with folks at the firm I never would have met otherwise. Jessica really focuses the practice to meet our needs — to counteract sitting hunched over a desk, to relieve the stress of walking in heels, and to shut out work just for a bit to create a calm space in our minds! She was not overly-zen like some yoga instructors. She was real and accessible and that in turn made yoga so accessible. She is great about giving variations and explaining why we are doing certain poses. She is also great about working with those with very little yoga experience. I am a total fan girl!
— Julie D.