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Inspired Women's Circle

2-3:30 PM

Are you a woman looking for deep connection with like-minded women?

Does your heart and soul crave sacred space and divine sisterhood?

Are you looking to be reenergized, refueled, and inspired by community?

If so, this Circle is for women-identified individuals to experience in your body what it is like to be intimately held, seen, and supported and to feel solidarity while living in this political, chaotic and ever-changing city.

You will get to explore yourself, meet other women, and be witnessed wherever you are and for whatever is present for you, in the moment.

The circle will be led by experienced yogis and facilitators, Jess Sandhu and Leora Ward. We will host a series of circles between now and the end of the year. Our October Circle will focus on the harvest and what you want to cultivate or release (as the trees do) going into the latter part of the year.

Gone are the days of feeling small and alone.

Of experiencing exhaustion and fatigue.

Of being closed off and disconnected.

Come practice your vulnerability in safety, with us, and dive into your own radical self-care!

Topics: Vulnerability, Change, & Receiving.

With Jessica Sandhu & Leora Ward


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Creating Your Altar, Finding Your Mantra, + Living with Intention

A Mindful Living Workshop


In this workshop you’ll learn how to live your life in a more empowered way with intentional rituals.

An altar is a space for honoring what matters to you. It doesn’t require a religious association but it does bridge to the sacred and close things in your life. Creating an altar in your home inspires you to live a more peaceful and loving way now. Altars are a space for gratitude and inspiration.

Mantras have been used for thousands of years by many different cultures. How do YOU find YOURS? You will create your own mantra and I will show you how you can use mantras to empower your life.

Daily intentions are at the core of who we are and how we move in our world. Intentions are the fuel to manifesting goals and visions. And intentions create more clarity.

Create the foundation for a more grounded life using rituals and intention setting.

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Yogi book club

FALL  2018

Explore new ideas that provoke discussion on themes related to mindful living both on and off the mat.

  • Discuss in a comfortable and safe group of like-minded individuals.

  • Registration is FREE at Dupont Circle Yoga. { Bring an open mind and heart (and read the books!) }

Meet at Emissary Cafe 3:30 - 4:45 PM below Dupont Circle Yoga studio.

Questions?   Email ME!