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Yoge for depression/anxiety

Be guided through gentle movement and stretches that

allow for a deeper connection to the body.

Saturday, December 15th ·  1–3PM

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Create the foundation for a more grounded life using rituals and intention setting.

Saturday December 1st ·  1–3PM

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sustainable inversion

Become more confident in your inversions! All levels to build a sustainable framework!

Saturday, November 3rd ·  1–3PM


Blog: Straight From the Yogini's Mouth

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I've been thinking a lot about "staying" because lately I've wanted to run. Run for the hills on many different parts of my life: family, friends, work, all sorts of relationships, my health, my mind, my yoga practice. All of it. All of it I've deeply thought about leaving it somehow. 

Especially when things don't feel good, when things feel and are hard, when things feel weird, when you don't want to be "in it" any more, when you feel vulnerable...the list can go on. 

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“I started practicing with Jess in 2014 when I was traveling quite a bit for work and needing a place to find grounding and calm. Jess not only welcomed a novice yogi when I first showed up, but she has helped me to grow stronger in my yoga practice, and as a person ever since! Her passion, happiness, and empathy for her students both new and more tenured is infectious and is the highlight of my day when I attend practice!”



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