Upcoming Workshops

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Yoga + Acupuncture 

Two more  yoga and acupuncture workshops. They always sell out so hold your spot!

Sunday May 20 & June 3 ·  2 – 4PM

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Yogi book club

Meet at Emissary Cafe for conversation over an enlightening book. FREE! Come! 

Sunday's May 10, June 24, & July 22 ·  5–6:15PM

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Refine Your asana

Focused study building towards various binds, arm balances, inversions, twists and back bends.

Saturdays, June 2, 9, 16, 23 ·  1:30–3:30PM


Blog: Straight From the Yogini's Mouth

· Respect the disrespect ·

Rejection is good.

Rejection and failure are not fun. Never is. And everyone experiences it in their life many times. And it will likely happen many more times as well.

Some people ruminate over the specific situation so many times, it's hard to move on - and maybe they don't move on. Some people are able to push past it and get on with their lives quickly - never looking back. And some folks are able reflect on the situation more and use the rejection or feeling of failure to their advantage - able to use it as a fuel for strength. All eventually (or hopefully) are able to see how the rejection turned out well for them.



“I started practicing with Jess in 2014 when I was traveling quite a bit for work and needing a place to find grounding and calm. Jess not only welcomed a novice yogi when I first showed up, but she has helped me to grow stronger in my yoga practice, and as a person ever since! Her passion, happiness, and empathy for her students both new and more tenured is infectious and is the highlight of my day when I attend practice!”



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