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vision board workshop

Reclaim and inspire your life with images that become manifest. Create your life!

Sunday August 12th  ·  1 – 3:30PM

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Yogi book club

Meet at Emissary Cafe for conversation over an enlightening book. FREE! Come! 

Sunday's May July 22 ·  5–6PM

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Reiki + Restorative Yoga

Treat yourself to an evening of rejuvenation with the healing, releasing and relaxing reiki and yoga.

Sunday, July 22nd ·  1:30–2:30PM


Blog: Straight From the Yogini's Mouth

· Feeling NOURISHED ·

Fill up on the good stuff.

It's hard to admit openly with people who have never gone without that you struggled to eat in certain periods of your life because there was nothing to eat. And bringing up the conversation could only happen when I trusted the person(s). So my feeling around food for many years was strained. 

In some of those tough periods I would drink the pickle juice from the empty pickle container in the fridge to satiate myself or I would put the salty meat rub into my palm to slowly lick the crystals up to fend off the feeling of my hunger.  It was never a happy time or place then and it breaks my heart to re-live it in my head but I think it shows a creativity to survive. These periods were thankfully never too long. 

My single mother did her best with us. And you can imagine someone putting themselves through school and trying to maintain a home where there were three of us behind her (before my sister came to join us) and doing the work of two.



“I started practicing with Jess in 2014 when I was traveling quite a bit for work and needing a place to find grounding and calm. Jess not only welcomed a novice yogi when I first showed up, but she has helped me to grow stronger in my yoga practice, and as a person ever since! Her passion, happiness, and empathy for her students both new and more tenured is infectious and is the highlight of my day when I attend practice!”



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