Upcoming Workshops

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Yoge for depression/anxiety

Be guided through gentle movement and stretches that

allow for a deeper connection to the body.

Saturday, December 15th ·  1–3PM

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Create the foundation for a more grounded life using rituals and intention setting.

Saturday December 1st ·  1–3PM

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sustainable inversion

Become more confident in your inversions! All levels to build a sustainable framework!

Saturday, November 3rd ·  1–3PM


Blog: Straight From the Yogini's Mouth

· grateful ·

 + Exchanging Self for Others

Finishing my degree at The University of Maryland was one of the best investments I ever made. I remember a few people along the way telling me that I didn't need a degree in order to be or feel successful. And I understood where they were coming from because they saw me struggle with the amount of work I took on and how I handled stress (not amazingly!) But I think I felt very differently about the feeling of success than them. Maybe? 

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“I started practicing with Jess in 2014 when I was traveling quite a bit for work and needing a place to find grounding and calm. Jess not only welcomed a novice yogi when I first showed up, but she has helped me to grow stronger in my yoga practice, and as a person ever since! Her passion, happiness, and empathy for her students both new and more tenured is infectious and is the highlight of my day when I attend practice!”



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