Upcoming Things!


Up until a couple of weeks ago, I was in a weird space. Not sure the next steps. Almost always overwhelmed by my choices and then paralyzed with all sorts of fear. Yet, although I was in this space, I knew that this experience was part of my path - it still felt awful to be in it. 

And even though I'm a teacher, I keep reminding myself that I'm still growing and learning, too. So one day very recently, I stopped to have a look at my life to see where I was coming "apart" and tried to find the root of it. I then remembered all of the tools I had in my wheelhouse to see if they still worked now. And they did. I started meditating and journaling again. Which turned out really nice because they feel so new to me right now. I love it. I was telling a friend recently that what I teach in all of my offerings are the things that I want to grow in as well. No joke. I'm always working to improve my yoga practice and always working to tweak my eating and always working to see how my home life and work life can converge with each other. So below I have some offerings of the things I'm also trying to nourish. 

I have my workshop for depression and anxiety - which is very close to my heart. Dealing with it still to this day. And then my vision board workshop in the new year and my first ever Reiki Level 1 training! So excited! I hope you can come to one or all of these events. Maybe I will see you in my yoga classes, too?! I would love to hear what things you are working or things you are dealing with right now. It always feels so good to share. Maybe you can start journaling, too! We can do it together!

Keep me posted on what you are up to! I love hearing it!



Jessica Sandhu