A Simple Morning Routine for Your Health

morning routine .png

Creating a morning routine was always hard whenever I started one. It’s like that in the beginning with anything really. I've definitely woken with just enough time to brush my teeth hopping on one foot trying to put my shoes on and rush out the door only to be annoyed if caught in traffic or forget something or just having the wrong socks or mismatched clothes on. All of those things can be let go of in the moment, but how about waking with enough time to make a peaceful transition into your first meeting, session, To-Do list, etc. Think about that all of that energy used in being upset with yourself for your morning stress and instead adding in all of that energy as love for YOU with your peaceful morning. Sounds amazing, huh?

You see the benefits of waking up with plenty of time to get yourself fully awake to take on the day (and world) is vital!

{Now if you do wake early but tend to open social media and/or hit snooze until it’s the last possible minute to leave, then you are wasting valuable time in your short life. } STOP IT!

I’ve created an easy morning routine below that YOU can do NOW and it’ll increase your happiness AND you’ll be more productive!

  1. Drink a tall glass of water! After you pee and brush your teeth, get yourself an 8-12 ounce glass of water. Your body gets dehydrated throughout the night. And water gets your metabolism going which helps to flush toxins out.

  2. Stretch! Call it yoga or not, who cares but move your body to release tension from a good night’s sleep. Here’s a good video to wake your body!

  3. Meditate. Have a spot where you go straight to to sit, after your stretch, for 3-5 minutes to meditate (or more or build up to more time as you make this a habit!) Learn how to mediate here.

  4. Protein packed breakfast! I love my breakfast smoothie because I add avocado. But whatever you decide to eat make sure it’s packed with the good protein such as avocado, eggs (if you’re not vegan), greek yogurt, nuts and seeds.

  5. Positive words. Fill your head with only the best and good stuff. For motivation, I love Brendon Burchard and for spiritual, I love Carolyn Myss.

    You are not only what you eat but everything you consume so pay attention to what you put in front of you and what you hear. I’d love to hear your current morning routine and how it’s helped you be the best you can be!


Jessica Sandhu