Clean Your Life Up Doing This!

I recently did a liver and gallbladder flush a couple of weeks ago following the guidelines set out from Andreas Moritz’ book, The Amazing Liver and Gallbladder Flush. And I’ll tell you that this was most definitely amazing. You can watch this video I found online here that explains how the flush worked and I’ll lay out the details below, too!

I found out about this flush while I was in India this year from my friend Sara. She was preparing to do the cleanse in a few days from when we met up. I then saw her again a few days after her cleanse and she looked amazing. I mean, she’s always radiating and now I knew why. And just like in the When Harry Met Sally scene after Sally “orgasmed” in the diner, the next diner said when ordering, “I’ll have what she’s having!” That’s exactly what I said to myself about Sara. 

She sent me the link to this book and I couldn’t read it fast enough. After reading the entire book (which is important to do before doing the flush!!!), I was ready to do it. One of the suggestions in the book is doing the flush on a new moon because it’s a good time to turn the page to start fresh and flush things out from your past and be empty for your future. LOVE IT! {But you can also do it when you can, too.}

I identified when the next new moon was, set up that particular day to have off completely, made my to-do’s and grocery list.

First off, what is a liver flush?

A liver flush is a procedure to help clean the gallbladder and the liver.  This one can be done in about 18 hours. The directions with exact timing are made for the best results, so if done correctly, will result in many gallstones being flushed from your body. Which is amazing!

Secondly, why do a flush?

If you suffer from a wide range of issues like acne, to back pain you’ll benefit from flushing out your liver and gallbladder. 

Also, several testimonials in his book said that this liver flush can actually prevent gallbladder removal surgeries. Whoa!

Because the liver is the body's natural detoxifier it cleans the body of toxins and produces bile to support strong and healthy digestion. A healthy liver can detoxify almost everything that a person encounters but when the liver is ill, the body cannot filter out toxic substances well.

What can improved liver function do for your health? A healthy liver brings:

  • Increased energy levels

  • Clearer skin

  • More regular menstrual cycle with reduced PMS

  • Freedom from sinus pain

  • Fewer infections and stronger immunity

  • Less digestive complaints and more regularity

  • Fresher breath and oral health

  • A positive mood and sharper mind

Why this flush?

There are a ton of liver flushes you can find online but none as in-depth or holistic as this one. This book goes delves deep into guidelines, how it affects you, any possible difficulties, timing, lifestyle recommendations, and more. 


How to do it?

For 6 days leading up to the actual flush, you drink 32 oz of organic apple juice each day. This was a tough one for me because it was causing bloating and discomfort. You can sub in malic acid (via capsule) if the apple juice does the same for you. The apple juice helps to soften the stones over the week so you when you do pass them, they come out without any discomfort.

I spoke with my friend Sara and she’s been doing the flush for about 5 years and does it twice yearly now and said that the malic acid produced, for her, harder stones to pass. She prefers the apple juice. I might try magic acid capsules next time just to test it out for myself because each person is different. The malic acid is a great option for those with diabetes or any other dietary issues that cannot take in that amount of sugar.

During the entire week of apple juice intake and leading up to the flush, you slow down your meat and alcohol consumption by a lot to none.  

The day of the actual cleanse, you finish eating by 2pm and take in no meat or any amount of protein that day, too. At 6pm you take in 8 ounces of water mixed with epsom salts and then another 8 ounces of it at 8pm. At 10pm, you take in 4 ounces of olive oil mixed with 6 ounces of fresh squeezed grapefruit juice (you need to squeeze it and not buy it “fresh squeezed”) and then immediately lay down to bed. You must have already washed yourself and brushed your teeth to lay down. I did this and right away as soon I laid down, I could feel that things were moving in my tummy. But you do need to get horizontal and put yourself to sleep. If you don’t feel too tired, stay laying down and listen to a meditation or gentle podcast to help yourself fall asleep. 

{ The timing is important and you must adhere to taking in the salts and olive oil/grapefruit concoction when it says to do so. }

The next morning take another 8 ounces of epsom salts with water and then (and the last round) at 8am the same 8 ounces of epsom salts with water. Between those early morning times, you can go back to sleep or watch something or do gentle yoga. I went back to bed since I took the day off. 

After taking in the second and last round of epsom salts, I could feel it would be no time before I needed to be near a toilet. I did, however, go back to sleep for another hour as I felt a whack of exhaustion - which is normal because you are about to do a major cleanse of your insides and they are working overtime in there!

What happened?

I had no intention of taking my stones out of the toilet, despite what Andreas Moritz suggested to do. I simply wasn’t planning on it. But after my first round of going to the toilet, I couldn’t believe that so many of them were coming out of my body that the next time I took a few of them out. BTW, I used throw away plasticware!

The reason I didn’t think I’d pass many or any stones is because I felt as though I had a fairly clean diet - except a great love of popcorn and I do like to snack. Well, I was wrong and passed about 50-65 stones! I tried to keep an exact count but it became hard. 

The stones are pea color and near that same size as peas. Some smaller and some larger. I was excited. Andreas Moritz suggested that people put them in their freezer but I’m not at that level yet or ready to hold my own innards in my freezer!!! What if someone mistakenly took them out to eat?! EWWW!!! 

My verdict!

So the day of the actual cleanse and few hours later, I felt so happy, peaceful and calm. In fact, I was serendipitously leading a meditation later on that night which worked out so beautifully!  It was an incredible feeling to feel so shall I say…”light”?

I’ll definitely be doing the cleanse once again in about another month. It’s suggested that the first few times you do in succession and then once you feel you’ve flushed everything out, you can go down to twice yearly. I read in his book that some folks dealing with major issues do them consistently for a few months, always taking a break in between by a few weeks, to get the liver back to health

You must read the book thoroughly though and consult your doctor if you have some things you’re working with. 

Outside of feeling amazing immediately after the flush, I feel as though I saw the world more clearly. That same weekend I did it, I cleaned my entire apartment and started to make some pretty big and life-altering decisions in my life.

If you don’t think you’ll do the cleanse and still read the book out of curiosity, I promise you you’ll end up doing the cleanse! You’ll be inspired to!


Jessica Sandhu