Issues are in Our Tissues!


To some extent we’re all dealing with some issue that might show in our body immediately or later. In case you didn‘t know or forgot, everything you’re experiencing happens in every part of you.

And to be human is to experience emotion and thus experience energy and feelings around those emotions.

Doesn’t matter what you’re dealing with or not like: anxiety, depression, or some health or mental health challenge, to be alive means being connected to all of who you are. And if you think this is not related to you, think again. 

Recall when you’ve had to tell someone something you didn’t want to but needed to. You might experience tightness in your throat to not want to speak but it might have started out like a knot in your stomach when you realized you had to. 

If you’re able to notice those feelings as they’re happening, that’s derived from an emotion. And that emotion is totally connected to your body.

If you hold on to unhealthy emotions and don’t let them go, you might feel off or uncomfortable in your body.

Those emotions become a true feeling in our body and over time become a groove of tension that stays or becomes acute when stressed.

Over the years we’ve experience other things that are more difficult than having to tell something to someone that feels hard to do. Or maybe we’ve had something done to us that’s hard to deal with. You might’ve learned a lot of different ways over the years to stuff it down, repress it, and not look at it, etc. But it’s not left your body. No.

Until one day you had a physical manifestation that showed as skin breakouts, rashes, TMJ, stress through the roof, weight gain, weight loss, broken back, inflammation, un-precipitated anger and myriad of other ways that these things show up. Because something needs release.

The thing is that we need to listen to our internal guidance system. We’re being told by our body that things are not right! These manifestations are signals meant to give us direction to deal with them so we can move on and live a more content and free-feeling life.

Instead of dealing with these issues, we’re usually given pills when we we see our doctor (I’ve easily been prescribed pills for all ailments without much prodding) to help us numb these “feelings”. 

{Btw, I do believe in Western medicine but we’re not really taking ourselves to the root of our issues by taking a pill. It’s only to get us through the initial hard part.}

Over time, we numb ourselves in a wide variety of ways including: eating, shopping, alcohol, gambling, sex, and the list goes on. Which also causes more of these things to manifest - snowball. These things land on us and become the make-up of who we are because our soft tissue reflects all of our experiences, attitudes, and behavior. 

We even store traumatic events and situations that are hard to process in the cells of our body. And sometimes a current situation can bring us back to our past stressful situation giving us a feeling of a flashback. It’s like we’re re-living those experiences again. If that happens, we activate things that haven’t been resolved or dealt with. Like squeezing lemon juice to an open sore. It stings and hurts.

This wound, if not dealt with, can become super toxic to you and those around you. Unresolved anger presents itself outwardly meanwhile you’re feeling childlike and in pain on the inside unable to share this. And relationships break apart without fully understanding why or able to share why because things haven’t been held with the right light. The right touch. The right caring.

I know all of this too well and have been working through my own things and I’m here to tell you that you have a chance to heal from this. To process and grow and learn.

It takes a willingness. But once you decide you can free yourself from those situations that happened to you many years ago, that’s when growth can happen.

Freeing yourself from that heaviness is brave. It’s strong. It’s courageous.

You might next ask, “How do I do this? Where do I start?”

The first thing is to acknowledge that inner healing needs to happen and accept the journey ahead.

And the next thing is to start to work movement into your body. The tension in your body needs to be released. If you feel you don’t have tension that means that you don’t realize it yet because there’s likely too much tension to notice. You’re a ball of tightness.

There’s a saying from a yoga elder, “Stiff mind, stiff body.” Because just as your tendons become rigid, you likely have rigid tendencies.”

I’d encourage you to try yoga or tai chi.

As a matter of fact, one of the best ways to effectively move the pattern of tension in your flesh is to move with yoga according to Dr. Bessel van der Kolk.

Because as humans we’re made up of more than 90% fluids and each fluid responds to different parts of our emotional nature. So as you move your hips, you release tension in that area. As you move your neck and shoulders, you release tension in that area. And as you move your legs, you release tension in that area. 

I understand that I might be oversimplifying things when I say just do yoga. But honestly, it can be that simple to get you on the the right path - at least initially. 

That’s exactly how I started and over time it led me to here. 

Now, I’m a total werido trying all sorts of healing modalities but I know it’s working because I’m getting closer and closer to MY truth. I can feel my own tissues are regenerating new cells releasing my old patterning.

And who doesn’t want some of that?


Jessica Sandhu