Corporate Health and Wellbeing Programs

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The benefits of employer-sponsored health and exercise programs are well-documented. Organizations that promote good workplace health by hosting on-site exercise programs like yoga have been shown to have happier and healthier employees who are more productive and more likely to remain with the organization.


Chair yoga, walking meditation, and stretching

Starting at $200-$250 • 50-minute session

Yoga mats not included. 


Workshops focused on vision boards, healthy habits, mindfulness, de-stressing, energizing, recharging and reconnecting

Starting at $200-$250 • 50-minute session


Seasonal nutrition planning and managing stress through diet & nutrition

Starting at $250 + food costs


Program Descriptions

Chair Yoga

The benefits of yoga can be achieved even without leaving your desk. Chair yoga workshops are popular offerings in offices where employees spend the majority of their day sitting at a desk.

Office Yoga

An hour-long yoga practice in the middle of the workday improves concentration, productivity and decision-making, along with promoting good physical and mental health. We can work with whatever space you have available, from an onsite gym to a conference room.

Chair Meditation

There is a reason some of the biggest and most successful corporations in the world (Apple, Google, Nike and Procter & Gamble) promote meditation at their offices—it works. Meditation has been shown to boost energy, increase focus, reduce stress and lower anxiety.

Walking Meditation

Take the time to walk and meditate in the office space. Moving while meditating can help stimulate creativity and concentration throughout the rest of the day.

Kind Words

“I cant say enough good things about how amazing it is to have Jessica teach yoga in our office. Even just one day a week has helped my back, and helped me build friendships with folks at the firm I never would have met otherwise. Jessica really focuses the practice to meet our needs — to counteract sitting hunched over a desk, to relieve the stress of walking in heels, and to shut out work just for a bit to create a calm space in our minds! She was not overly-zen like some yoga instructors. She was real and accessible and that in turn made yoga so accessible. She is great about giving variations and explaining why we are doing certain poses. She is also great about working with those with very little yoga experience. I am a total fan girl!”

— Julie D.