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Gut Feeling is a 6-week online health coaching program designed to help you take your health, fitness and mindset to the next level and beyond!

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This online program is designed to help you overcome the major obstacles to a healthy lifestyle by offering personalized attention to meet your specific needs, weekly videos, Zoom calls, tools & resources, and support needed to streamline the process and set you up for lasting change.

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  • 6 weekly modules led by Jessica Sandhu, a D.C.-based certified health coach and yoga instructor
  • Video coaching sessions, live Zoom calls, a closed Facebook community, and a workbook filled with exercises and wellness resources for lasting success
  • Personalized attention to fit your specific needs and lifestyle to help you release unwanted patterned habits & jump-start your new path
  • Emphasis on why we do certain things/habits, how to break those habits and build new ones, and where to go from here with a structured roadmap forward
  • Access to an exclusive library of Jessica’s healthy and delicious recipe collection
  • And so much more!

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  • Feel tired, bloated, and exhausted but seek a more energized life
  • Struggle with cravings or weight loss but want to take control of your body
  • Are ready to eat healthy and get active but don’t know where to start
  • Want a collection of hand-picked tools and resources that support your body & mind
  • Are ready to feel empowered and thrive each and every day
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Jessica Sandhu is a certified Health Coach and Yoga Instructor. Jessica received her training in Health Coaching at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition is the only nutrition school in the world that integrates all the different dietary theories, combining the knowledge of traditional philosophies such as Ayurveda with modern concepts Whole30 and raw foods.

Her mission has always been to help you change the way YOU see YOU right now with small and sustainable tweaks to your life through sustainable mindfulness techniques, healthy routines, and movement (and she encourages a yoga practice!

Jessica truly believes we can all heal our bodies with nourishing food and relationships, movement and meditation. 

She also believes that each body is unique and so individual - that we all have a unique way of eating and living that’s best for us. That’s why she creates customized plans that fit your specific needs to optimize your health and cultivate the life you deserve!

While most health coaches might dwell on restricting calories, carbs, fats, proteins, etc. Jessica holds space for both discipline and life’s enjoyment. 

As you work with Jessica, your relationship with food will shift, you’ll regain trust in yourself with food and you’ll explore the foods and relationships that nourish you the most. 

  • If we worked together already, does it make sense to join Gut Feeling?

    Absolutely! Many of my clients (both health and yoga) have worked with me in some capacity for years and cross over to one side or the other. And although my health coach clients are aware of healthy guidelines and tools and techniques, it’s totally different when you commit this kind of group setting. 

    Being in community can be more powerful because you get more support from, not just me, but the people you meet within this program!

  • How can I access the community?

    A lot of activity and communication will happen in our private Facebook group. Woot!  We’ll also have a Zoom call once a week at a scheduled time. Recordings will be available for those who cannot make the live calls. 
  • What does beta course mean?

    This means this group is the very first cohort of Gut Feeling. 

    So, I’ll be working with content created in a new way and format and either during or after, I’ll ask for feedback and any insights you had within it. This will help me in my future programming of Gut Feeling! This is also an amazing opportunity for you to have the most direct connection and experience with me. And the cost and size of this group won’t happen again - so it makes for a unique and special opportunity for you (and for me!!!!)

  • What happens after 6 weeks?

    Immediately, if you’re doing the work, you’ll feel more in control and grounded in your life. 
    Next, you might need more support. You’ll have access to the program at a reduced rate of the new pricing when it increases next year. 

  • This Program Is Not For You If…

    -You're looking for a quick fix
    -You're looking to drop a large amount of weight quickly
    -You just want to follow a meal-plan
    -You're looking for a magic pill
    -You're not ready to prioritize your health
  • Will I make progress? 

    You’ll get a significant amount of coaching and support. Everything is foundational and will build you up to literally live your best life. And likely you won’t need another coaching program. 

  • What’s your refund policy?

    I feel confident about Gut Feeling and my promise to you is a 100% Money Back Guarantee! 

    If you feel, after coaching for 2 weeks and after you’ve completed the work and assignments, that you’re unsatisfied and want your money back, I will refund you. 

    Trust yourself that this is where you need to be when you make your decision.
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