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You want to live life fully - this means having the thriving energy, confidence, health, and clarity in your life to be the person you are meant to be!

You just want to feel ALIVE and HEALTHY! But right now, it all feels far out of reach, buried beneath fatigue, stress, aches and pains, digestive problems, and a total lack of confidence.

You try to get healthy…maybe that means you try...

- The latest fad diet but you feel terrible on it!

- Counting calories and restricting food groups only to find yourself starving all day long!

- Researching how to eat and exercise only to get tons of information and all of it conflicting!

It’s confusing, frustrating, and you feel like giving up on regaining your health, energy, and confidence!


I want to offer you a solution that cuts out the confusion, the crazy fad diets, and the endless calorie counting with Gut Feeling, my new 6-week nutritional kick-start and health coaching program!

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  • Beginning on October 16, 2019, you get 6 weekly modules led by me, a D.C.-based certified health coach and yoga instructor
  • Personalized attention and a tailored approach to fit your specific lifestyle and needs
  • Video coaching sessions, live weekly Zoom calls, a closed Facebook community, instructional videos, and a workbook filled with curated exercises and wellness resources for lasting success
  • An exploration of why we’ve developed certain bad habits, how to break them and how to build new, healthier ones
  • A structured roadmap to guide you on your new path forward
  • Access to an exclusive library of my healthy and delicious recipe collection
  • And so much more!


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  • You’re ready to stop feeling confused about food, exercise and general health and start down a path that makes you feel inspired, empowered and full of life.
  • You're ready to learn about which foods truly nourish you.
  • You want to understand how sleep, stress, time management and daily routines can impact the way that you feel each day.
  • Don’t have time to sift through the latest health fads & diets, and just want the tools & resources that really work.
  • You’re ready to learn how to develop weekly meal plans, healthy shopping and snack lists based on YOUR personal tastes.
  • You’re ready to learn new, creative and delicious recipes that’ll keep you on track to meet your goals and keep meal time exciting!
  • You’re looking to make a real and sustainable change in your life for the greatest and health and vitality.
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  • You're looking for a quick fix
  • You're looking to drop a large amount of weight quickly
  • You just want to follow a meal-plan
  • You're looking for a magic pill
  • You're not ready to prioritize your health
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Be ahead of the game with recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks and when on travel. Plus a shopping list to make it easier!


Each week our live group calls will give you a little extra inspiration, provide with you some current information, and give you an opportunity to ask questions relevant to that week. It’ll be a mix of topic focused coaching and Q&A.


This private group will bring it ALL together where you’ll get advice, inspiration, and support! Our group will be a place for us all to share what we’re learning, talk about our challenges and our wins!


Special topic videos, in-depth resources (books, outside articles, links, apps, etc.), and meditation and exercise playlists!



Each week offers a downloadable workbook that will have all the information related to that week. For example, a listing of how to break a craving to tongue scraping for self-care. Plus, individual pull-out PDF exercises for amazing results!



"Our work together not only left me far healthier physically, but it enabled me to successfully transition into a new job"

Jess as my health coach and I cannot say enough about the tools she gave me to re-approach not only my eating habits (eating out and cooking at home), but other things as well. We worked together on evaluating some of my life goals and the roadblocks that were impending my growth as a person.

Our work together not only left me far healthier physically, but it enabled me to successfully transition into a new job and move to a city that makes me truly happy! I can not recommend Jess enough, and consider her to be a life-long friend!

-Samantha Gilman

"She took me to the next level and helped me re-frame and learn many new practices that were easy to implement and made an incredibly positive difference every day."

Working with Jessica was a life changing experience. Whether you are in need of a complete life change or small adjustments to bring you even closer to self discovery goals she will guide you down the desired path. With her guidance, she took me to the next level and helped me re-frame and learn many new practices that were easy to implement and made an incredibly positive difference every day. I have more energy now than I had in my twenties (I'm in my 50's) and feel great all thanks to Jessica’s coaching!

-Deb Walls

"Jess has truly had a lasting impact on me, and my time with her as a health coach continues to help me in all areas of my life!"

I had the absolute pleasure of working with Jess when I needed a health coach. With her depth and breadth of knowledge, her passion for her clients and her work, and her encouragement in trying and implementing new things and perspectives in my life, I was able to quickly see results. She is terrific at adapting to your individual needs and is a focused listener who asks thoughtful questions to get to the root of your issues. Jess has truly had a lasting impact on me, and my time with her as a health coach continues to help me in all areas of my life. I highly recommend her; working with her will be one of the best decisions you make!

-Abbe Walter

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This online health coaching program is truly an investment in your health & wellness, your future and yourself! My one-on-one health coaching offerings can cost thousands of dollars, so this course is not only the most affordable option but it’s also the best way to join an incredible community of supportive individuals on their own journeys, right beside you!

*Because this is my FIRST ever course, you are getting a special deal that won't be offered again!!



Full payment due up-front.
The cost for 6 weeks at $197 is like the cost of a small latte a day
except this will transform YOUR entire life!


Gut Feeling begins on October 16th 2019!

Spots will be secured on a first-come-first-serve basis with your payment. Once all spots are filled, registration will be closed. And once payment is made, you’ll receive a form to fill out with health information that I can review before we start the course!

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Hi, I’m Jessica Sandhu, a certified Health Coach and Yoga Instructor. My mission is to assist others in living their fullest and healthiest lives.  

My approach begins by helping you change the way YOU see YOU th.png

I truly believe these are the integral elements that heal our bodies and minds and help us become our most vibrant self.

For the past eight years as a health coach, I’ve worked one-on-one with clients to help them move away from dis-ease and towards wholeness in both their bodies and their minds. I’ve seen firsthand the amazing changes that small and sustainable tweaks can make in peoples’ lives. 

I’ve also experienced this transformation personally. For years, food consumed my life: not having enough, having too little, eating the wrong things, binge-eating, purging, on and on. All along that journey, I craved freedom. Freedom to trust my body, to truly nourish myself and enjoy my life to the fullest. To become the "me" that I always envisioned but who I struggled to bring to life.

Although it took time, I was able to take steps towards wholeness and to uncover a vitality that was missing from my life for so long. Now, I’m dedicated to helping you feel that same way too and to sidestep many of the obstacles I faced.

I want you to feel... Whole. Balanced. Empowered. Energized. V.png

Gut Feeling is the result of all of those years of my experience, my desire to help people heal themselves, and my expertise - all woven into one program. I hope you’ll join me for this special 6-weeks, where I’ll be leading you and a like-minded group of people through transformational systems, teaching you valuable lessons, and helping you nurture healthy habits. This is the most transformational journey you could ever undertake!

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Gut Feeling FAQ

  • If we worked together already, does it make sense to join Gut Feeling?

    Absolutely! Many of my clients (both health and yoga) have worked with me in some capacity for years and cross over to one side or the other. And although my health coach clients are aware of healthy guidelines and tools and techniques, it’s totally different when you commit this kind of group setting. 

    Being in community can be more powerful because you get more support from, not just me, but the people you meet within this program!

  • I've never done anything like before. Is this for me?

    Even if you’ve never tried this kind of coaching, eating, used these kinds of tools, you can do it! You can do anything you set your mind to!
  • How can I access the community?

    A lot of activity and communication will happen in our private Facebook group. Woot!  We’ll also have a Zoom call once a week at a scheduled time. Recordings will be available for those who cannot make the live calls. 
  • What does beta course mean?

    This means this group is the very first cohort of Gut Feeling. 

    So, I’ll be working with content created in a new way and format and either during or after, I’ll ask for feedback and any insights you had within it. This will help me in my future programming of Gut Feeling! This is also an amazing opportunity for you to have the most direct connection and experience with me. And the cost and size of this group won’t happen again - so it makes for a unique and special opportunity for you (and for me!!!!)

  • What happens after 6 weeks?

    Immediately, if you’re doing the work, you’ll feel more in control and grounded in your life. You’ll have all the tools and strategies at your fingertips to help you forward.

    Then, you can always do another round of Gut Feeling if you feel you need more support or do one-on-one coaching. Sometimes things take a little bit of extra time to be re-enforced.  

  • Will I make progress? 

    You’ll get a significant amount of coaching and support. Everything is foundational and will build you up to literally live your best life. And likely you won’t need another coaching program. 

  • What’s your refund policy?

    I feel confident about Gut Feeling and my promise to you is a 100% Money Back Guarantee! 

    If you feel, after coaching for 2 weeks and after you’ve completed the work and assignments, that you’re unsatisfied and want your money back, I will refund you. 

    Trust yourself that this is where you need to be when you make your decision.
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Are you ready to tap into your Gut Feeling?

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