My Health Philosophy

I truly believe we can heal our bodies with food. I also believe that each body is individual - that we all have a unique way of eating and living that’s best for us. A few years ago, I started paying really close attention to what I was eating.  I noticed that eating certain ways would make me feel great, and other ways not so great! As I correlated my diet with my energy level, I began to transform my life through mindful eating. I’ve experimented on myself, trying many different styles of eating, including a vegan diet, and have ultimately found that the best eating plan for me includes some fish and certain dairy products.  This may change yet again, as I age. 

As a health coach, I offer clients ideas and resources as we work together on that experiment, to find the best approach for each individual or to change the plan when needed.  It all starts with being mindful to what your body wants. I always say that you just have to try one thing at a time. Don’t overwhelm yourself with trying to be on the juicing wagon, or going vegan all at once. Think of your body as an experiment,  see how each change feels in your body, and keep it up if it works or let it go if not. Life is messy, and these shifts in mindset and life are part of it. 

I also believe that once you know how to eat well for YOU, you can always come back to that place even if you fall off your health path. And this starts with YOUR perspective. Once you start to think about food NOURISHING you, versus food FEEDING you, you make better decisions about what you put in your body. As you let go of things that don’t serve you and add in more energizing whole foods, your entire life can change.In this wellness guide, I offer some simple tools that will get you off on the right foot.

You do you... but a healthier YOU!