Hello and welcome!

This cute little website will serve a few purposes: to connect, to learn and to laugh. {I don’t take myself too seriously, so we’ll definitely have some good laughs.}

One of the things that held me back previously was not living in my truth. I held myself back to make others feel comfortable, I didn’t give myself credit and from my perspective, it seemed easier to live small.

About 7 years ago, I started to make some changes by slowly starting to drop the “shackled thinking,” creating more space and freedom to be me. Now I’m living fully from my heart, able to laugh at myself when I felt I was getting too serious.

My passion is to encourage others to tap into their freedom and to live fully from their heart, both on and off the mat.

Personally, I came to the Yoga mat more than 15 years ago to deal with what I thought was chronic lower back pain. Little did I know that Yoga would help me with some other deep-rooted issues, which eventually took care of the pain symptoms.

I noticed the more Yoga I practiced, the closer to my truth it brought me. Sweaty heart-openers and hip-openers brought me on a journey where I found peace, balance and ease.

Eventually, I made the leap and took my first of several Yoga teacher trainings, which include 500-hour Moksha (Hatha), 200-hour Vinyasa, 30-hour Kundalini Immersion and 40-hour Prana Flow. In the same year I completed my first Yoga teacher training, I enrolled in the Institute of Integrative Nutrition’s program to become a certified health coach.

Also during this time period, I left my 9-to-5 in the non-profit sector and became a full-time Yoga teacher and health coach, giving workshops, cooking demos and private lessons to corporations and businesses all over DC. This eventually led me to the opportunity to contribute to a couple of mindfulness blogs.

These beautifully-laid stepping stones would not have opened up for me had I decided to stay where I was and operate from a place of smaller living.

Over a period, I started to make choices to up my game in every part of my life…

…never looking back.

Each morning I wake up feeling REALLY excited to start the day, to help spread love and positivity and ignite passion in people’s lives!

I’m pumped and thankful that you came to my site!