Michael F.

“I reached out to Jess at the end of last year and asked if she could work with me.   I needed help to become healthier; to make decisions to improve my life.  At our first meeting, Jess asked what I wanted to accomplish.  I had a long detailed list that she reduce to just one thing.  I wanted to feel better about myself and how I looked.  Thus began a journey that has really made a very significant difference.  My friends and family refer to Jess as the miracle worker.  Jess has helped my completely change my diet (and I am 15 pounds lighter now); Jess has worked with me to properly plan my exercise condition; but, most importantly Jess has worked with me to change the way I think about myself.  The changes have been remarkable.  They would not have happened without Jess’s guidance.  To use her own words-Jess has helped me to be free and to live life more fully.”

-Michael F.

Amanda Becker