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Yogic Healing - Yoga Nidra Workshop

Sunday, October 6th | 2-3:45PM | Dupont Circle Yoga
Price: $35

Join me for a special Yogic Healing!

Yoga Nidra is derived from two Sanskrit words: Yoga meaning union or one-pointed awareness, and Nidra which means sleep.

Yoga Nidra is a guided meditation technique practiced comfortably lying down in Savasana. In Yoga Nidra, the practice includes using body scanning, breath awareness, and imagery to induce deep relaxation, freedom, and ease.

During the practice, one appears asleep, but they are in a blissful state between awake and asleep. Within this rest, one can tap into their unconscious and subconscious levels of their mind and release patterns that are held deep. Yoga Nidra is helpful for managing stress-related illnesses, anxiety, depression and past traumas, and more.

In this workshop, we’ll begin with some pre-meditative breathing and simple yoga poses to ease the body, mind and spirit for deep meditation.

The workshop includes:

✨Pranayama (breathing exercises)

✨Gentle and simple asana (including restorative yoga)

✨Full Yoga Nidra practice (40-45 minutes)

✨Short seated practice

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Inversion Workshop

Saturday, April 20TH | 1-3 PM | Eaton Workshop
Price: $35

In this inversion workshop we’ll practice a combination of strength, and flexibility focusing on the core, arms, shoulders and back to prepare us for a variety of inversions.

It takes time and patience to build a beautiful and safe inversion practice.

This all levels workshop we’ll build a basic framework for safe and sustainable inversions, specifically working with the anatomy and alignment in the shoulder girdle, core and bandhas (energy locks).

Poses of focus: headstand(s), forearm stand, shoulderstand, & handstand.