Calling it In.

Every time I come to the intersection of Foxhall Road and Nebraska Avenue in DC, I think about the time I got a call from Nena (of Nena and Mesia) from up in Windsor, Ontario, Canada to come to teach at their first soon-to-be-open Moksha yoga studio. After my yoga teacher training that spring, I had a hard time being in Washington, DC trying to cut my teeth teaching yoga and dealing with my recent long-term break-up. I just knew it would be hard in DC to make that transition to teach full-time then.

The reason I remember getting that call at that spot, and taking it while driving, was because I wrote that very thing down in my journal just a month or so before. I was so desperate to not be in DC and desperate not to fall into the trap of taking on a job and getting distracted with paying bills not to focus on honing my skills as a yoga teacher. And because I had experience writing things / dreams / ideas down and them coming to fruition, I did just that about teaching yoga in Canada. I seriously did.

I wrote in my journal that I want someone who would read my newsletter, feel connected to it and invite me to teach yoga in their studio for up to 6 months full-time. And Nena did exactly that. She called me and said that my newsletter was sent to her by another Moksha yoga teacher - as they were looking for someone who did not have a Moksha studio to teach in, who was new and eager, and wanted to move for a short time to teach full-time.

Now, you can look back and say that was obvious to choose me but really how amazing that it did happen? There are hundreds of people who teach Moksha. And the probability that they would find me is low-ish.

It's something I called in. I wrote that shit down. So every time I pass that intersection (and I pass there at least 6 times in a week!), it holds something very dear to me and I get warm about that. It literally is an intersection that changed the course of my life. I loved my time in Windsor and Detroit and Toronto. I made a deeper connection to my now-passed Meditation teacher, I made great friends with my fellow Canadians, and fell in love with Detroit and the people of the north. It was life-altering. 

I just want to remind you that you are what you think. If you think your life will be hard, it will be hard. If you think your life will be amazing, it will be sort of more amazing than the next person. Keep putting yourself in a positive frame of mind and you will be a magnet of positivity. Be thoughtful about your life. Think about what you want. The things you want to feel. The places you want to go. Maybe not even real places but the places you want to go in your mind and body and heart: ease, peace, grounded, loving and more. 

Make an outline of some of the things you want to call in right now. Use this an exercise. If you want to be accountable to someone, reply to this email and share with me three things.

You have to put it out there. I remember I used to say aloud that I want to live in Georgetown some day, and now I do. I used to say I want to own a yoga studio and now I am a partner in three!

{ Right now, I keep saying to people I want to write a book so that's my calling it in right now - let's see where that goes . . .  }

Hey, I also still have my insecurities about writing or wondering who the hell I think I am most of the time. But I remember that I came from single-parent family who spent a lot of time on welfare in Canada. I think this calling it in works. Trust me. 

Don't give the power of your life to the unknown. Be clear and open about what you want. 


I have some upcoming workshops to help you get yourself focused and clear: 
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Sunday, November 12th 2-4pm
The Yoga Shala  

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Saturday, December 9th 2-4pm

Yoga & Acupuncture with Lindsay MacDougall
Calm & Release (Yin)  
Sunday, December 10th 2-4pm


Jessica Sandhu