Just Dance

Dance Like Nobody is Watching. 

I was in a coffee shop in DC recently - trying to push a few things through - while sitting beside this older man reading the paper. It was sweet because when I walked back with my soup bowl, he didn't ask me if I needed one but reached out from the side and handed me a couple of napkins. I was touched by that - it made me smile. And then over the next while, he would comment on something he was reading in the paper - looking for a nod of agreement or understanding - but never looking at me directly. And then finally I broke my workflow and started talking with him for a few minutes before I had to leave. He turned out to be from Scotland and we spoke briefly about Edinburgh and Glasgow and how the Highlands were where real Scotsmen come from. It was nice. And I left reflecting on my time in Scotland.

It was the summer of 1997 and I left London for Edinburgh in that late Spring. I was sort of fired from a restaurant job and felt done with London at that time. I heard all about the Fringe Festival that happened every August in Edinburgh - that you could catch great acting, shows, comedy and life. I also was intrigued by Scotland after watching Trainspotting in Canada the year before. I was not really expecting to be in Scotland a year later but there I was. There were so many things that happened when I was in Scotland. I tried haggis for the first time, I saw the Scottish crown jewels, I worked in an Italian restaurant with a Big John AND a Wee John (true!) and I had a Scottish boyfriend. It was a summer to remember!

I also lived in a hostel just off of the Royal Mile. And I recall VERY vividly LOVING my life at that time. I worked at the hostel, at a pub on the Royal Mile, and a restaurant. I had so many friends, a cute boyfriend and living very free-seeming.  I had traveled to the UK with my CD player and my three disks were OK Computer, The Smiths and the Trainspotting soundtrack.

I would often opt to do the vacuuming of the dorm rooms and remember blasting The Smiths album (starting with This Charming Man!) and vacuuming. I felt so free. I used to dance like crazy in those moments. I felt so alive. Music I was just learning about and this new kind of freedom living in the UK. I was still just 20 years old and I felt so alive. So much life to live but happy to be there vacuuming. Knowing that I was on the right path cleaning rooms. I can remember thinking at one point how lucky it was that I get to be in Scotland listening to this amazing music and feeling so free and happy to be alive. It is a wonderful feeling that I can feel THAT moment in my body even right now. That is a moment in my life that I am grateful for. I just wanted to share that with you today.

Maybe you can reflect on something in your past that makes you smile. That that joy can bring you back to one of the best places you had. I am not saying look back and pine for it. Can you look back and find gratitude that you had that experience.

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Jessica Sandhu