Must Read before the Holidays!


I can easily become a mess when things are busy. My "self" work is to always bring "it" {insanity} down to a vegan bite-size pizza comfort level.

But it's usually after a complete meltdown! It's like drinking water when you're thirsty but by then, you're already dehydrated! 

Oy vey! 

So, it's important to take care of YOU when things are busy. The holidays are a busy time of year and are a time when we express our hearts to family, friends and strangers. But the most important person we need to show our love to is ourselves. Release the idea that you need to debauch-aurize (did I just create a word?!) yourself in order to fit in at holiday gatherings.

You can still be you and be loved! I have some strategies for you to help balance this time of year. 

1. Write down some self-care things that you can do to help you through the holiday to-do's on your list. Think no-cost things like a bath, a cup of tea before you leave the house for a gathering, or a longer meditation in the morning. Have something prepared/written down beforehand just to have in your head and go there even before you think you need to. 

2. Temper your expectations for what the holidays really bring. If you know that every year when you overspend it leaves you feeling awful AND that actually you didn't need to show your love with that indulgence, don't do it. Opt for your presence and home-made or more creative gift-gifting. Also know that things will not turn out as you planned. NO MATTER WHAT! 

3. Try something new! Get away from what you think you should be doing and make a new tradition. I used to hate New Year's Eve parties and one year I started going to yoga gatherings or doing silent meditation retreats with my teacher on New Year's which has now become my own tradition. 

4. Don't expect a thank-you when you gift-give. Simply give to give. Keep that for yourself.

Just a few SIMPLE things to keep in mind over the holidays. 

What other ways do you do keep you sane over the holidays?! I want to know! Please share!

Peace be with you,


Jessica Sandhu