The Right Time to Begin Anything!


It's a funny thing, that when we start something new, we think of all the things that might go wrong in our new direction or path. We are most definitely NOT thinking about how amazing that new direction will be or the adventure it will take us on. 

For example, when I started to seriously think about becoming a yoga teacher, all I could think about was how little money I'd make or how manyless friends I'd have or that I'd be single (well, that'sa truth that was self-fulfilled!) and that I'd only be able to wear free-flowing, colored with printed elephants pants on. 

(Almost) all of that was NOT true. (I had to switch my thinking to something more positive to make these things come true over time.)

I've made more money since becoming a yoga teacher than in any other period of my life (but someone please get me help with my savings and books!), sure I've lost some people along the way but I've made more meaningful friendships since walking down the yoga path, I've had more meaningful romantic relationships (sure, they've not yet stuck but have been more full of passion and honesty) AND I can still be me wearing the clothes I love and appreciate without sacrificing myself or my teachings. 

When we start something new, we expect our worlds to fall apart because we're so attached to how things are operating now. It's hard to see the world past where we are. With just a little bit of work and some faith, we can make our lives so much more amazing. It's totally possible and it's exhilarating. Think about something you want to shift and change right now. What obstacles or things are you putting in the way before you even start down that path? 

I want invite you to think about some of the things you want to shift and change as we head into the new year. 


Here are three questions:

  1. When is the most important time to do the things?

  2. Who are the most important people?

  3. Which things are the most important?


Jessica Sandhu