Creative Beings.

I’ve always loved everything about the cinematic experience. Seeing them in theaters, watching them at home, solo, with friends, with lovers, with family. With food, with drinks, with nothing to take in except the movie. I love the music: the light touch of it, the blast of it or the lack of it. The colors: dramatic, subdued, and the lack of it. The humor and the pain. The struggle of the actors and their ability to show pain, love and joy in such an authentic way. To be unattached to anything except presence in the moment for the camera. 

The literal and the figurative struggles of the entire creative process.

I reminds me of my youth. I somehow likened my life to a dramatic movie at times and to a hilarious comedy most other times. I often recall when I was a little girl, while in arguments with my mother, I would at some point start drifting off in my own head. She would try to reel me in and ask where I was and of course I would not tell her the truth. But I was deep into a story about some far off distance on some adventure where I saw new colors, heard weird sounds, and  channeled pain and suffering into something beautiful. It was all quite fantastical! And it was all in my head!

And I share this because I know I am not alone in this feeling. Well, maybe you didn’t think about being rescued but maybe you had your fantastical ideas about your future life! Because we are all creative beings wanting to share what we see within us. What we KNOW is within us. Each one of us has this creative desire wanting to be tapped into. We just have a hard time identifying, acknowledging and then being able to channel it in a way that honors where we are in our current life.

In my work, I see and am around so many types of people on their path that I can immediately identify with their pain points and struggles. I see it so clearly because I am currently going through a big challenge in my own life. My trip to India brought up and out many things for me that I need to explore and will do privately and might eventually share. It will be for the betterment of my life and possibly my offerings to the world and around the world. 

Getting quiet in India was a huge help but I also have some resources I will share with you here. They might also inspire you to take some new steps forward. 

 I love everything Caroline Myss writes and shares. You can watch one of my fave videos of hers here. She will also be at Kripalu next weekend after this one if you wanted to catch her in person.

Steven Pressfield is another great author and often quotes the Bhagavad Gita in his writing. His most recent favorite of mine is, The War of Art.  He speaks very well about the resistance we experience towards our art. 

Marie Forleo has a great weekly video blog she sends out. Most of her guests are very inspiring. And her work is very creative!

I always love a good song to shake me out of any humdrum I might be feeling. And getting quiet is just as good. You need to start listening to the internal sounds. You don’t need to reach too far out. Everything is already within.

This weekend I am offering a yoga and acupuncture workshop with Lindsay again!



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Jessica Sandhu