I am reminded once again at how important it is to take each moment with passion, love, honesty, authenticity and gusto! I say that even though I am feeling jet lagged from my trip to India and back - currently want to curl up and go back to sleep...

Someone recently put my attention towards a presence-based teacher by the name of Doug Silsbee after I mentioned being interested in learning more about coaching from a mindful approach. While I was in India, I listened to many of his coaching videos, read some of his work and ordered two of his books to be delivered for when I arrived home.

Then last week, Doug sent an email to his community - confirming what I was told as well  - that he was passing the torch on to his mentee as he is now in hospice after being diagnosed - just months ago - with stage 4 sarcoma. My heart has been stung since reading that.

Sad at the loss of someone who is so passionate about healing work, mindful work, and the inner work. Someone so talented seeming to be cut so much shorter from this life. My heart hurts for the pain his family must be feeling and the community with whom he has built this great foundation on. 

That the suffering we feel is not something unique to me or you or just the most empathic or the weary. No, we are all feeling a level of suffering. We need to honor our suffering but not let it overwhelm us. How do you not feel overwhelmed/crushed/heartbroken when you're facing death or you know someone is passing or someone has suddenly passed? I have no educated answer for this. Based on my understanding of Buddhism and Yoga Philosophy, I would say that our suffering can be lessened by the choices we make in our every day lives.  

Looking through a Buddhist lens, we are reminded that we have no control and everything is impermanent. The suffering I felt when reading that Doug was in Hospice was my deep sadness that I wouldn't read more of his work or get to meet him in person or that when I watched his videos and saw a very strong looking man, I wondered "how can he be dying?" I felt I had no control over whether I would meet this strong looking person. I was feeling a deep attachment.

The other side of that is if we are able to recognize that life is impermanent and short and we see and understand that clearly, then we shouldn't hold back. As Dōgen says, we need to strive to awaken and not squander our life. Seize the moment. 

So in that vain, my heart is also feeling a great energy to the work of what one person can do. A new fire has been created within me to stay focused on my work acknowledging the fact that this one passionate person, Doug, can create a wave of inspiration in me and countless others. 

Just as Doug's work is important, so is mine. I watched his videos and saw someone just being who they were. I was inspired by the way he was showing up. I thought, "Why spend so much time trying to fulfill another person's idea or why spend time thinking about how to inspire others? Why not just live an inspiring life by being oneself?"

So many offerings of truth when we pay attention.

P.S. While I was in India, I picked up a new statute for my home alter. It was of Parvati: Goddess of Love and Devotion. I coincidently bought her on Valentine's Day. Which looking back was no accident. Last year, I picked up a smaller Durga statute. Durga is a warrior Goddess. And I don't think it was an accident that I was so fiery this past year! Hoping Parvati will bring more calm and love.  

This Saturday, I am helping my friend Rupal teach an Indian-dance workshop at The Yoga Shala. She will lead the Indian dance and I will stretch us afterwards! I will be dancing as well! Go here to register!

And then Sunday, I am leading a Chakra-Based workshop with Leora Ward. Link is below!


Sunday Feb 25th 2 - 4 PM  
The Yoga Shala  $35


Sunday March  11th 2 - 4 PM
Sunday April 8th 2-4 PM   
The Yoga Shala  $45



Jessica Sandhu