I teach a lot of yoga. And I love teaching as much as I do with the variety of people I work with. I am, like most of those folks I work with, am working to find my balance, my center, the place where I feel a bit of peace in the day within my body, mind and spirit. And just like you all, I work with the constraints of time, money and energy. Do I have enough time to eat a sit-down meal? Can I afford that? Should I accept this offering/new client? How will this further my blah, blah, blah...?

Have I mastered this balancing act? Sometimes maybe? Some days it feels so easy and other days, a bit harder. 

I will say that I have learned to listen to my body more. When it's tired, I rest. If I feel like I am getting sick, I rest and ramp up the nourishments. If I am too busy teaching, I work to cut my schedule down. 

And over the years I have seen many folks work through some of their own things - the juggling of their lives. And I am constantly amazed at how people show up for themselves, family and friends. I use their experiences, along with my own, to help me form a better understanding of how, where and when to support. 

Some of them being YOU folks who I have seen work through some tough stuff. And right now I am in the process of PROCESSING some of your input in this Survey to add more of what you want in my offerings.

And I will share some of the analytics of the feedback in my next newsletter.  }

BUT! I wanted to offer you all one more chance to give some feedback in this survey! You can always send me feedback via replying to this email about anything at any time! But the survey is a bit more targeted. 

Thank YOU for your time! 

Below are some new offerings including my new Chakra workshop with Leora Ward. 

Spring Yoga Practice + Wellness Reset

Saturday April  21st 1:30 - 3:30 PM
  Dupont Circle Yoga $35

Yoga + Watercoloring: Unleash Your Creativity!

Sunday April 29th 2 - 4 PM  
The Yoga Shala  $55

Yoga + Acupuncture Workshops (3 Upcoming!)

Sunday April 8th 21st
Sunday May 20th
Sunday June 3rd
The Yoga Shala   $45

Power-Up: A Chakra-based workshop for Internal Strength

Saturday June  10th 2-4 PM
  Dupont Circle Yoga $45



Jessica Sandhu