The Miracle of Intentions.

In 2010, I had a hard time transitioning from working in a restaurant to an office. Although I'd been working part-time with the local environmental non-profit DC Environmental Network, I couldn't imagine getting paid to do that very same work. 

At that time I was training for a marathon with some awesome people I knew from the restaurant: Michael, a regular, and Heather, a fellow manager. One day it was just Michael and I on our very long run. If you've ever trained with people in any capacity, and I think for long distance running, you get really deep with the people you run with as you have so much time and literal space between you and the rest of the world. It was one of my favorite periods of my life. 

Anyway, on that run I broke down to Michael and told him I was scared as heck to look for a job. That I didn't know where to start or the process and just felt like I didn't deserve it somehow. He then encouraged me to work with a life coach (he was just becoming one) and he referred me to Ileana. I have to say I was VERY skeptical of working with a life coach and knew that my partner would not be down with forking out money to pay for one as I looked for a job. Wasn't it simple enough to just send out resumes and do some networking? I was scared but knew I needed a bit of hand-holding. 

I spoke to Ileana and was convinced that I should do this but felt it was too expensive. It was proposed that folks sign on for a minimum of 3 months at $500/mo. After I hemmed and hawed for a week or so and stressed about the money, I decided to go ahead and do it and not tell my partner the actual cost. I figured something would work out or I'd put it on my credit card. 

As we got started working, I knew immediately that this was the best decision and within a week a miracle happened where check showed up in the mail for $1,500 from a scholarship I had applied for nearly a year earlier! Can you frickin' believe that? This is a true story. The exact total sent to me AFTER I leapt into this new path! 

Working with Ileana was life-changing because she opened my eyes to the world beyond pushing paper in an office. I did my first future filled writing with her where I landed the job that I literally wrote out and started on the day BEFORE what I wrote out (I will say it took me nearly 3 months to write out what I wanted because it's so hard to say what you want aloud! So I get it!) Talk about making intentional choices and the miracle of the Universe providing for you when you say, "YES!" 

I now totally believe that you can create the life you want with intention setting and putting the deep effort you need in order to get there. I did the work with Ileana and I was met with what I asked for. Now I'm working to dream and live bigger. Do you want to , too?  

Guess what?! I have a vision board workshop this weekend and I'm also a health coach ready to get you to the next level!



Jessica Sandhu