Walk Through the Door of Uncertainty.

I’ve spent the past 10 years thinking that knowing what I want was best. Training myself to know what exactly it is that I want from this world. And it turns out that that’s what’s making me dissatisfied.

This information is BIG.

Because this mentality actually inhibits any growth.

I recently finished reading, “An Untethered Soul” by Michael Singer which this was the essence of his book.

And he couldn’t be more on point when it comes to our inability to be satisfied. When we make our life so controlled where each part of our day and life is set in “stone” (which is so feeble to believe, btw!) we’ll fall flat on our faces.

To think we have control over all of our circumstances and then when things don’t go our way, we lose our shit. I’m speaking from my own experiences here because I’ve spent so much time trying to control each and every outcome of my life that it’s making things so unbearable for me. Things that happened before I was even born!

And reading this book, at this point in my life, is such a relief! Phew!

That kind of control gives no space for growth. For learning. For allowing things to fall into a different path and likely even more awesome than you think could be true for you.


The reason we want things to go as WE planned is because at some point in our lives, something we experienced happened that felt bad and so we work so hard to avoid that discomfort again.

In yoga terms, it’s called a Samskara.

“A Samskara is a blockage, an impression from the past. It’s an unfinished energy pattern that ends up running your life.” from Michael Singer.

As long as you keep running from that pain and not deal with it, you’ll keep suffering. You’ll keep doing the same things - in various forms - to NOT deal with that pain and create more. I understand this so well. But the exhaustion catches up to you when you don’t deal with it. It takes over your life.

I felt exhausted and at the end of my rope with myself trying to control outcomes for which I had no real control over in the first place. It was a nice thought.

So I offer you this. A chance to let go of trying to control the outcomes and be open and receptive to the offerings of this world. To be in this present moment.

Walk through the door of uncertainty. Let’s walk through it together. .


Jessica Sandhu