How To Be Perfectly Happy Alone: 5 Life Changing Tips

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I got back from India last week without blinking that this was more than my 100th solo trip (ok, maybe a slight exaggeration on the number but probably not!) Yet, I often have to calm concerned folks down about where I’d be landing, with whom I might be with and how long I’ll be gone for. I feel grateful for their valid concern but I’ve just never been scared to travel alone or frankly, be alone.

I’ve had periods where, right after a relationship and where I’ve gotten used to reporting to someone, I’ve felt scared to be alone or to do something on my own. But overall, there’s something stronger and so special with getting more acquainted with yourself that appeals to me.

Don’t get me wrong, traveling with someone can be rewarding and fun. You really get to know someone while traveling. You also have a chance to share your experiences with someone that you can recall at a later time - which is nice. But you can also do that with yourself. Having a nice giggle with YOU in that remembrance and carry on with your day. I love being able to “get” the world with myself. Having “a-ha’s” with just me about what was just realized. No need to text, call or share to validate my experience that was always just something for ME to experience.

Now I might be extreme here because I prefer to be at home versus out at a gathering. And if you see me out, know that I’m internally (mindfully) scheming to find my graceful exit. Or, I try to focus on a conversation with just one person.

I also prefer to work alone. I get stressed when working on group projects because I prefer the quiet of my own mind (but trust me it’s loud in there!) and my own home.

Yes, I can teach a yoga class or a workshop or speak to a crowd about things that I know but that’s different! It’s not technically social.

So, I wanted to share some things I found useful in my solo experiences below:

  1. Know that you are perfect as you are. No need for anyone else. Think about how valuable YOU and YOUR time are. Spend time only with those you really want to spend time with. Don’t compromise yourself.

  2. Trust yourself. Seek advice from yourself versus asking others. Or at the very least, pause for a few moments (or more) and see if you can come to a conclusion or figure out what it is that you are seeking, within yourself. Then seek from others after that exercise.

  3. See the world through an observer’s eye paying attention to the overlooked things. People watch in an uncreepy way. You’ll find you’ll connect to people on a deeper level.

  4. Soak yourself in silence. Revel in it. Lay down comfortably, close your eyes and listen to the hum of your home, the sounds of outside, and the beating of your heart. 

  5. Tap into your creativity. With all of this time with you, find ways to make your life more suited to what you want.

    { And BONUS ONE!! }

  6. Map out your future. Create a roadmap for your life and immediately do the things your heart sings for. Via vision board, journalling, Pinterest (mindful), goal-setting, etc.

Now, always keep in mind the ratio of alone time and people/social time. There is no need to be a hermit either! We are social creatures so find the people that raise your vibration and where you work in tandem in that effort.


Jessica Sandhu