The Universe Has Your Back.

I remember telling myself - while working in a restaurant- that I would go back to school and finish my degree at some point in the near future. It was nice to tell people that as well as it made people leave me alone about my future. But to be honest, when I moved to DC, I was very happy to stay where I was: working in a restaurant, going for long runs, drinking wine and doing yoga. At least I convinced myself of that to not have to do the work.

Yet I was not doing anything at all to meet the goal of finishing school.  And I remember feeling quite overwhelmed at starting that process.

 One evening at the restaurant, a little later when it was quiet, an old regular came in. He was an older gay man with whom I had many wonderful conversations over the years but hadn't seen in a while. So that evening I stood chatting with him a little extra. He told me he was happy to see me and that it was nice to see someone from back in the day.

It was all very pleasant for me until he asked me why I was still there working in the restaurant. It was a very innocent thing to say that as it was more out of curiosity. But I was stung by his words. I didn't know how to respond. And I didn't let him know my annoyance, we just carried on and he eventually left. That was the last time I saw him. And to be honest, I couldn't recall his face today. But his words resonated greatly...

I went home that night and cried a bit in an angry way. I felt he had NO right to say something like that to me. That it was ignorant to be so insensitive. And the next day, I told my partner about it still angry. And I sat with it for a week and eventually the anger turned to sadness and then the sadness turned into a realization that his words stung because they were hitting a sensitive spot. I was also frustrated with myself for not taking the steps to finish something I started. And after a week or two, I started the process of going back to school.  

I bring this up because sometimes you need to hear some hard truths in order to make moves in your life. I needed to hear this from someone outside of my small Universe. Plus, I was so frustrated with myself that this pushed me to finally make the decision to be ok with the amount of work to go back to school. And after I made the decision to go back, it was very easy. Because I took the mental block out of the way - I found freedom. It was still a ton of work, of course, but there was ease.

I wish I could see that man again. I would give him the biggest hug. He has no idea how much he impacted me. That those few words created a trajectory for me that I still feel today.

The truth shall set you free. I am often asked about how one prepares to take the steps they need to reach for what they want. Each one of us different. My advice is to keep moving - take the big and tiny steps towards the magic. Try to listen or pay attention to what the Universe is showing you and more than anything, listen to your own heart. I didn't need to go to school to be loved or to feel free, but it did give me a feeling of finishing something I started. And that helped pave the way for more goodies - with hard work - to show up. 

Two things come from this: 

1.) Speak your truth. Say what you see.  

2.) Why wait? Go for it.

I have three workshops that will help you get into your truth coming up! Plus, I will be taking time off while in India so see you in a few weeks!


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Jessica Sandhu